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Image of Dr. Freda Atkins
Image of Dr. Freda Atkins

About Freda

I have always been driven to be the best in all that I do and that included fulfilling my dreams of becoming an author. But after completing my bachelors in English from Tuskegee University, I moved to Chicago and pursued my master’s in integrated marketing communications.

After graduating, I wandered from my desire to become an author and started a career of fifteen years in Medicare sales. Through fear, rejection, and loss, I drifted from my passion of teaching and writing to career choices I knew would be lucrative and sustainable. Years later, I created a comfortable life and completed my doctoral program by the age of thirty, however, I still felt unfulfilled and not accomplished. 

Soon after, I noticed the feelings would still haunt me from time to time and I finally decided to act. I became obsessed with understanding myself: my mindset, emotions, and decisions I made throughout my life, and realized I have been living for other people and for their approval. In 2022, I relocated to the Bay area of California and became a certified transformational life coach which has allowed me to help people navigate their own social clutters they place on themselves. 

I authored my first book, A Comparative Analysis of Factors Related to the Performance of Ethnic Majorities and Minority-Owned Small Businesses in Alabama, published in (2015 ) by ProQuest-CSA, LLC ), and authored my first journal, Dump That Shit: A 31-Day Daily Journal to Help You Remember Who You’re Meant to Be.


My life's motto is to live full and die empty. I will live fully by helping as many people as possible who want my help. I am ready to help you on your journey of remembering who you’re supposed to be!



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