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Image of Dr. Freda Atkins
Image of Dr. Freda Atkins


I have always been an over achiever and wanted to be the best at everything I do. I have always prided myself on completing every task I start and always live my life on my terms.

But through fear, rejection, and loss, I drifted from my passion of teaching and writing to career choices I knew would be lucrative and sustainable. Years later, I created a comfortable life and completed my doctoral program by the age of thirty, however, I still felt unfulfilled and not accomplished. 

Soon after, I noticed the feelings would still haunt me from time to time and I finally decided to take action. I became obsessed with understanding myself: my mindset, emotions, and decisions I made throughout my life, and realized I have been living for other people and for their approval. I eventually became a certified transformational coach to first understand and transform my mindset which in turn has allowed me to help people navigate their own social clutters they place on themselves. 

My life's motto is to live full and die empty. I will live fully by helping as many people as possible who want my help. I am ready to help you on your journey of remembering who you’re supposed to be!



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