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When naive Jazzman falls for bad boy Cedric, she has to learn how to trust herself while forgiving her past. Just Like My Mother is a fictional coming-of-age novel for young adults. 

Just Like My Mother by Fredrika Atkins

  • Just Like My Mother is the first novel in the planned Lip Gloss and Bubble Gum Series. Each novel in the series will explore main characters Jazzman, Sheba, and Samantha’s insecurities, abandonment, rape, homosexuality, self mutilation, and other themes minority communities face but may struggle with initiating meaningful conversations. Each novel will progress to another stage in one of the girl’s lives as they navigate through life’s problems and unresolved trauma. Just Like My Mother and the proceeding novels will encourage and empower readers that everyone is uniquely different and the more a person tries to fit into society’s box the further they move away from who they truly meant to be.