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I'm a dynamic storyteller with the ability to connect and create solutions that resonate with my audiences. My presentation style is energetic, yet thought-provoking. I have worked with schools, corporations, nonprofits, and small businesses to help people lean into their greatness.I love the challenge of putting together a presentation to captivate an audience and inspire action. My work has been recognized by clients and colleagues alike, who praise my creative solutions.

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  • Maximizing Team Performance Through Productive Team Building
    Emotional intelligence is a superpower that you can use to empower yourself and your team to perform at their maximum potential. This power can help you to identify, understand, and manage emotions in yourself and others. It’s an invaluable tool in any business environment. You can use this superpower to recognize and respond to the emotional nuances of everyone on your team. This can help you create an atmosphere of understanding, respect, and collaboration. It allows individuals to work together more effectively, leading to improved teamwork and performance overall and Dr. Freda’s message will do just that.
  • Achieving Excellence in life and academics
    Good emotional intelligence will support students in excelling in academics. They’ll find it easier to take criticism gracefully, stay motivated, stay organized, manage stress, and take part in group work. Remember, emotional intelligence is your superpower and with the right commitment you can use it to lead a successful life and Dr. Freda will provide effective ways to just that.
  • Using Emotional Intelligence as Your Superpower
    Emotional intelligence stands for awareness and active management of our own feelings as well as being able to pick up on social cues. Gaining mastery over emotional intelligence can give you the skills to make more informed decisions and handle conflicts effectively. It can help you develop meaningful connections, be more assertive and create healthier relationships. In today's world, emotional intelligence has become a superpower for many looking to create the life they desire. By understanding how our emotions influence our behavior, we can begin to create a life beyond our wildest dreams. Studies have shown that those with higher emotional intelligence are more creative. They’re better able to understand the emotions of those around them, navigate their own emotions, and create meaningful relationships that help further their goals.
  • Innovative Classroom Environments to Enhance Learning
    Educators can use your emotional intelligence as a superpower to innovate classroom environments and enhance learning. You can create a safe space for students to learn, explore, and discuss their thoughts and feelings around the topics being taught. Through this, you can create a positive and inclusive learning environment that encourages critical thinking and encourages creativity. When you use your emotional intelligence, you can tap into the emotional needs of your students and create an environment that is conducive to the learning and development of everyone, and Dr. Freda’s message will do that and more.


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